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  • 17 Temmuz 2014, Perşembe 15:48

When finished with 270 Meters 236 Meters Height Body Height outperform the Istanbul Sapphire

When finished with 270 Meters 236 Meters Height Body Height outperform the Istanbul Sapphire
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Turkey's highest body, the world's 3rd highest body of the dam , which will be the construction of Artvin's Yusufeli Dam and HEPP is in progress.

Artvin news: Turkey's highest body, the world's 3rd highest body of the dam , which will be the construction of Artvin's Yusufeli Dam and HEPP is in progress. Çoruh made ​​on the river , in February last year laid the foundation of the dam is expected to be completed in 2018 .
90 kilometers south of Artvin , on the foundation laid by the Coruh River and the highest in Turkey , the world's 3rd highest double curvature concrete arch dam , which will be 1,827 billion kilowatt hours of electricity per year from Yusufeli Dam will be produced . With a height of 236 meters and 270 meters in height , which is the tallest building in Turkey and Europe in Istanbul Sapphire will leave behind the dam , the whole building will be the tallest in Turkey . Approximately 2.9 million cubic meters of concrete will be used in the dam body . Construction of the dam , 150 square meters in size will make it possible to build 45 thousand houses amount of material to be used . 2.2 billion cubic meters of water stored in the dam hydroelectric plant installed capacity of 540 megawatts per year with the introduction of the 1.827 billion kilowatt hours of electricity will be produced . Which is tendered at a price of 486 million pounds for the construction of dams in Kolin, Cengiz and Limak Construction companies formed a joint venture to perform. Equity capital and the dam will be built by Turkish engineers 330 million pounds per year to contribute to the national economy . Construction of the dam during the period average a thousand people will be employed .
The dam in Europe with four of the world's 6th highest double curvature concrete arch dam with a Turkey, Yusufeli Dam Upon completion of this area of ​​the world third will rise to . The world's highest double curvature concrete arch dam are as follows:
Xiaowan Dam ( China ):292 meters, Inguri Dam ( Georgia ):271.5 meters, vajont Dam ( Italy):261.6 meters, mauvoisin Dam ( Switzerland):250 meters, Laxiw Dam ( China):250 meters, the dam (Turkey):249 meters.
in Artvin construction is complete arch dam in the class from the ground 270 meters with a height of Turkey and the world's third highest dam will be Yusufeli Dam and HEPP construction 25 percent in the physical realization was provided.
Artvin Governor Kemal Javelin , in his statement , as the dam is to be built in double curvature thin arch dam Yusufeli Dam and HEPP , Turkey's highest dam is completed, said it would be . Yusufeli Dam and HEPP construction so far 168 million pounds by spending 25 percent physical realization is provided representing the Governor Javelin, \"Dam daily 1 million pounds of production will be done and dam 7 years he will pay off . Produced by the energy of Artvin, about four times the size of a city , ie 650 thousand inhabitants of a settlement of all energy needs can be met , \"he said .
Javelin May 29, 2018 inauguration planned Yusufeli Dam in 2013, according to data produced in Turkey hydroelectric power of 3 percent will meet , pointing \"Total body volume of 2 million 350 thousand cubic meters , the dam , the 2.2 billion cubic meters of water will be stored . Coruh River main lever lock on the dam , one of the Yusufeli Dam and HEPP , 540 megawatts installed capacity and will have 1 billion 827 million kilowatt-hours of energy to produce is scheduled , \"he said .
Governor Javelin, Yusufeli Dam is completed on the river deep , Borcka and Muratlı dams and economic life also extends said. Yusufeli Dam and HEPP construction will be affected by regions expropriation commenced noted that the Governor Javelin \"dam construction to be used within the field in the Treasury and forest land allocation were taken. Public benefit projects the material in the quarry area the use of permits have been obtained. Axle location , dynamite and borrow landfill sites , job sites and upstream cofferdam for the Sebzeciler , Ishan, Yenikoy Kinalicam and Irmakyani in the villages needed in sections expropriation studies are completed. 2,014 year appropriations , 70 million pounds with Irmakyanı, Yenikoy , Ishan and Kinalicam the expropriation is planned . Thus, the construction of dams may be required for the entire field of expropriation completed will be . in 2014 nationalized planned villages expropriation plans drafted and cadastral approval. Other areas expropriation plan work continues , \"he said .
Yusufeli Dam and HEPP projects Yusufeli town and 19 villages were affected the Governor Javelin, \"the new settlement within the framework of project-affected settlements , except in the town center , the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization announcements made ​​by the government resettlement process has been completed and announced suspension . Resettlement and expropriation activities for the execution of established Yusufeli Resettlement and Monitoring Project Management Coordination Center has started to work , \"he said.
Yusufeli Dam'n who built LİMAK , Cengiz Construction and Choline company consisting of LCK Yusufeli Ordinary Partnership Yusufeli Dam and HEPP Project Manager Feridun Unsal, the majority Yusufeli with 900 employees, along with the pride of Turkey , which will be delivered projects , he said.
2013 Stating that start in May Unsal \"a section but are currently about 29 percent . We are working fast . In June of 2015 we started for concrete manufacturing . Yusufeli Dam has an installed capacity of 540 megawatts . Our plant has buried underground . Will be 270 meters in height . Approximately 3 million cubic body, filling a space with a barajımız will be . Our Dam is completed Yusufeli district leaves under water . Yusufeli the new settlement of our county due to inundation and road work is being done . By Highways road work, work is done by TOKI new settlement . In May 2018 we completed our construction period . You know, a groundbreaking day , Mr. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan , the project had wanted to finish earlier than the target set . Başbakanımıza will fulfill our promise , we will finish in May 2018 . Water retention depends on the end of the new settlements and highways . These runs , that date may be water , \"he said .
\"Coruh River up to this time has been a little under the carpet and left a river in the background \"he Unsal, said:
\"Considering these dams until this time , the new 3-4 years old. In a bit of work on this river has frequent . You know when we look at the past 15-20 years before that started, a deep , Borcka started . Çoruh him backwards a total of 10 dams on the river. They started production in the last three years and made part of the dam . Gullubag, Artvin and Yusufeli ... These are not actually considered a pretty big jobs and Coruh River . But , of course, affect those Feza Artvin be completed , Gullubag dam to be completed in the next process which will relieve us . One of the uncontrolled flow will be prevented . The future of a more controlled flow . Uncontrolled flow when it comes to your work schedule can affect your . At the moment we have made diversion . Cofferdam manufacturing are doing. After making the cofferdam will feel even better . Water diversion is currently going through . Currently we can work in bed . \"

When finished with 270 Meters 236 Meters Height Body Height outperform the Istanbul Sapphire" comments for.


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