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  • 26 Ağustos 2014, Salı 15:33

This Time Hes made ​​the show who want

This Time Hes made ​​the show who want
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Unusual in the district of Artvin Arhavi hydroelectric power plant in the district at this time who want to be rallied .

Artvin news: Unusual in the district of Artvin Arhavi hydroelectric power plant in the district at this time who want to be rallied . Arhavi
of Artvin is a long time to be made in the HEPP projects initiated by environmentalists who oppose the actions , while today Arhavi was hosted on a different show . Reacting to counter a large number of HPP Arhavi style , Arhavi Hekimoğlu Mayor Coates and many non-governmental organizations under the leadership of \"Arhavi businessmen involved with the slogan\"I met with . HES indicates that opponents condemned and protested the Arhavi , county Arhavi Business Man who built the HEPP Project also gave support to Mehmet Nazif Günal . During the show many foreign opening , the exchange between the \"Hydroelectric power plant , yes, Energy enemies final\"written currencies noted.
During the show Arhavi'den the AK Party Mayor Coates Hekimoğlu a press statement made ​​. Hekimoğlu, you're speaking to the press release at the beginning of all civil society organizations and the public on behalf of Arhavi said, in response to HPP project , not to appear unseemly in response to the Arhavi people said they gathered to condemn style . Hekimoğlu in his speech , \"Here, any remembrance of stalls in the name , but we redress under the name in recent days, especially the press and social media, using both in our region that invest our men from our region so as to remove both our municipality and personally against the slander to answer this description I am doing . Rights seek not against . objection is not worth it . stylistic oppose . so far in Arhavi never seen a style you are faced with . now you asking. laissez an Arhavi the leave a mayor, is no stranger including the one on the streets yuhalayıp , murderers and as thieves accused did not . We surroundings and terrain for the concern that our citizens taking their rights to seek our part, have made and continue to make are . we their ugly style with the responses it all Arhavi reaction of was a form meant to condemn . Arhavi'den real sound is . Arhavi the all non-governmental organization here. Here I am testing this position , calling on behalf of all Arhavi . Press the action , outrageous style of telling whether Arhavi'den's stance , \"he said .
Press overalls , accompanied by music that plays after the crowd played horon .

This Time Hes made ​​the show who want" comments for.


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