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  • 24 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 13:44

Showers and storms in Artvin

Showers and storms in Artvin
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Since last night in the Eastern Black Sea region, which is effective in Artvin severe storms and heavy rains adversely affect their lives .

Artvin news: Since last night in the Eastern Black Sea region, which is effective in Artvin severe storms and heavy rains adversely affect their lives .
in the district of Artvin Arhavi rains since last night due to the water level began rising in Kaprisy Stream overflowed. Creeks took the road , village roads have become impassable . Highways , Provincial Administration teams to be effective in areas where flood flood caused by intense work to eliminate losses spend intensive hours . Stream passes through the center of Kaprisy Arhavi important part of the way to the town center at the part where damage was observed. Kaprisy the suspension bridge over the creek succumbed to the waters of the creek .
Only in Arhavi heavy rain gutters did not raise . Grew up in the sea due to heavy rain . Wave size exceeds 2 meters in places, steep in Arhavi sea Samsun highway crossing Arhavi-Hope took over the ring road . Waves ring road impassable due to the situation , while the sea side of the ring road a parked vehicle was damaged by the waves . Police and gendarmerie teams while restocking road transport , road transport old was given . Damaged vehicles at the scene tried to withdraw .
The pouring rain to be effective elsewhere in the county was Hope . Hope a lot due to rain in the town creek stone was observed. Hope Hope Creek in conjunction with the growth in the center part of the bridge took the flood . Gulab effective rainfall in the town of Hopa, because there have been similar views . Gulab creek in the town and in places where the stones in a section of downtown businesses and homes flooded the lower parts were observed. Gulab effective rainfall in two streams passing through the center of the road because it was observed that the major damage occurred .
Effective in Borçka district of Artvin Citadel Creek due to heavy rains had fun . Effective rainfall in the district after the creek overflows as a result of the Citadel Borçka-Hope Zalo as a result of rising water in the creek walked over the bridge and highway was closed for a while . Depending on the county Blacksmiths, Kaleköy and double on the bridge in the sides sitting families to leave their homes were forced .
GOVERNOR Javelin FACEBOOK TAN STATEMENT MADE < br/> on the other hand, Artvin Governor Kemal Javelin, due to flooding experienced in the district of Artvin and revealing view shared photos from their facebook page . Governor to transmit the message to everyone to get past Kemal Javelin, to minimize flood damage and the citizens are fighting to prevent damage , he said . Artvin Governor Kemal Javelin on their facebook page said \"Precipitation Period ... Especially seaside town Our Hope and Arhavi seriously affected the case . Highways , DSI and AFAD teams Kaymakams coordinate our work in the ... Hopa off the village there is no way , however Başob village havoc in our busy . Hopa in Artvin road route landslides in the morning ( the industry's top cut) has been removed. Arhavi'den the Çifteköpr way off , and the path down to the level has been citizens of other routes to use are requested . these villages to our sunny road connection is provided. Arhavi and Hopa all our villages rainfall were affected. Thankfully no loss of life and property and threatening some of our homes have been evacuated ... FYI \"gave expression to the place .

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