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  • 20 Aralık 2013, Cuma 15:10

Severe winter conditions in Artvin region is rife Macahel

Severe winter conditions in Artvin region is rife Macahel
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Artvin Macahel is rife in severe winter conditions.

Artvin news: Artvin Macahel is rife in severe winter conditions.
heavy snowfall and avalanche danger due for weeks Borcka district Macahel (Camila) Village transportation be provided, the Camila within the region live and a time erzaksız remaining citizens snow tools, supplies were delivered.
during the winter months usually Borçka-Camilleri of the path four meters in a large part due to the snow village, many citizens remain stranded. As every year, this year again experienced snow bondage citizens erzaksız left again. Region due to heavy snowfall and snow removal backhoe loader was unable to perform the work. Electricity and phone work in the village where citizens were stranded. Snowfall authorities taking action after the end of the village road with snow vehicles were able to open. Artvin Atabar of Ski Snow Trac (snow-lead) with the camera in the village were rescued stranded villagers. Areas with difficult geography, falling about 15 points on the road provides access to the avalanche was opened in the village. 11 hours can not be heard as a result of intensive study of the villagers has been reached. Provided transportation to those experienced in the village and diesel supplies were donated. Students staying in the village in the district has been downloaded.
These studies did not only rescue the lives of citizens. Remaining hives under snow in the region had reached their neighborhoods and villages where the teams come to the rescue of bees was also. Remaining under the snow above the opening of the hive where the bees to freeze the bees, which were also recovered. With this operation the millions bee's life has been rescued.
Information on the subject that Artvin Governor Kemal Javelin the tasks throughout the province of the problems experienced at least to minimize, that snow during the winter which were inaccessible due Camilleri the Zone at certain intervals snowmobile reaching living in this region citizens and the animals had made the effort to transport supplies, he said.

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