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  • 17 Aralık 2013, Salı 16:11

Road landslide in Artvin-Borcka

Road landslide in Artvin-Borcka
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Artvin-Borcka highway 12 kilometer of road transport were closed due to landslides.

Artvin news: Artvin-Borcka highway 12 kilometer of road transport were closed due to landslides. According to information obtained
, Borçka-Artvin highway 12 Swallow Adagül Village neighborhood located at kilometer in the road due to landslides and rock fragments falling to the ground as a result of road transport fell. A passing car during the landslide of boulders falling as a result of skidding tires exploded. Road approximately 1.5 hours after a controlled way traffic was opened, the landslide area boulders in the road from time to time continued to decline learned.
In the area of ​​landslides occur frequently stating Artvin Drivers and Vehicle Chamber President Ahmet Alpaslan"These roads do not meet standards, 3rd class roads We're walking in peril,"he said."Adagül village in this zone Artvin-Borcka on the freeway, the most troublesome is the place,"said Alpaslan"It rained every oil to the card almost as rain stones on the road is falling. Sağolsun members of the police our way immediately to the traffic off the death or injury without causing landslide road measures they took. Artvin in the path of most roads do not meet standards, where the roads 3rd grade mountain road highways befitting proper way is not. Nearby Nobody Take salt does, DSI ask 'we salt do not assign the' Road to say 'I can not look' says the situation we deplorable God help us. this topic new numbers from Governor Kemal Javelin message to my phone I opened. Adagül in the village landslide in the region on the stones for a moment before finding a solution is needed told. Otherwise, this road stones in a day where many people's lives would cost the fear is so great. experienced the deaths of the account Who and how could?"he spoke.

Road landslide in Artvin-Borcka" comments for.


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