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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:46

Of Turkey's First Feature Film Gala was held Puppets

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51 International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival , Turkey's first feature-length puppet film \"Rimon and Zimo and Peace in-town \"s premiere was held.

Antalya news:
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality this year, \"From Tradition to the Future\"with the theme of the 51st annual International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival , Turkey's first puppet film \"Rimon and Zimo of-town Peace \", Antalya Cultural Center reached the audience . The first special screenings Special Metropolitan School for Special Education and Rehabilitative Center students followed.
Suresh Kırali Erçevik and Edip Ekal wrote 75-minute film directed by Nermin Er , Ismet Independence , while producing alfalfa Erturk did. The world premiere of Ataturk Cultural Center (AKM) Aspendos Hall of Turkey's first puppet film \"Rimon and Zimo \"ever world premiere of children with disabilities into society , to include education support , social individuals to become of the work highlights the importance for the audience met .
Yekta Kopan, Ezgi Mola , Janset aggregate , Shaukat Suha Tezel and Fatih Urek names such as voiced by the film , including a small desert located from each other , not far Rimon and Zimo in the town goes.
the red carpet with the children entered the hall governing Nermin Er , \"Rimon-town and Peace in the Zimo \"I made ​​the first feature-length film, stating that the child puppet , puppet technique is an important technique , he said. To entertain the kids said they wanted that , \"the children in a way entertain a peace tell the story we wanted to . Our goal is actually to entertain the kids ,\"he said .
Other director Ismet Independence of the film a valuable study that expression, \"fondly tried . Nice thing we wanted to do . I first had to emerge as a work of cinema . so be it , \"he said.
Judy Sword of autistic students that come to the movies before , where there is a nice feeling even voiced.

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