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  • 23 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 20:06

Models dough and roll could not do Dim Sum

Models dough and roll could not do Dim Sum
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5'incisi held in Antalya this year at the fair YÖREX famous models and Ayse Uras Baceoğlu Fuld , turn the dough in a stand Antalya's famous pastry spreader , but they were unable to do the work .

Antalya news: Model of the dough struggle was watched by visitors .
In Antalya this year, \"what is it you famous ?\"Local Products Fair held under the slogan YÖREX , visitors flocked to the second day was intense . Trade of Turkey's seven regions , 62 provinces and their products while exhibiting participants from Cyprus , 325 exhibitors participated in the fair model 115 with stand and Aysun Uras Fuld was the scene of the Baceoğlu visit . Open the pastry dough stands in one of the two models had a hard time trying to make . Pastry spreader with two branch offices in Antalya famous pastry master Ali Mehmet Hizay that 20 years from the stand and Aysun Baceoğlu Fulden Uras , pies themselves affected by the form of the construction pie wanted to go. The dough for the pie pastry Ali Mehmet Hizay out of his hands by turning the head to open and surprised mannequins, Hizay prepared the dough on the marble are laid open and even forced . Dough del two models in power though mince put their dough together in the oven drove .
\" pastry as I'm not much , nice food \"
Meanwhile image the model Aysun Baceoğlu my field reporters , \"you say clumsy look after your friends . problem is not with us , you have to secure consistency ,\"he said . Pastry so not stating Baceoğlu , \"Very nice food but dough call I do not have . , I Albanians daughter, a good cook ,\"he said .
Fulden Uras about the food suffered , said:\"Rice outside can not do anything . A single rice I do very nice , \"he said .
Celebrity models are then visited other stands .

Models dough and roll could not do Dim Sum" comments for.


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