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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:14

Minister Sword:\"Most golfers Licensed in Turkey Agri Quits \"

Minister Sword:\
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Minister Sword , said the tournament in Antalya Turkish Airlines Open , \"most licensed golfers in Turkey comes from the pain ,\"he said .

Antalya news: Located in
European Tour calendar, organized with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Antalya's Serik district of Turkish Airlines Open continues at The Montgomerie Maxx Royal Golf Club in Belek . A total of 7 million dollars to the organization will be given the award 78 while attending a professional golfer, the champion of last year, Victor Dubuisson , as well as Lee Westwood , Sergio Garcia , is located in the famous professional players like Henrik Stenson .
\" MOST LICENSED GOLFERS PAIN DAN \"Photo ongoing tournament Youth and Sports Minister Aquifer Turkey Golf Federation President Ahmet Kilic met with Chagatai Agaoglu journalist. Indicating that the Minister made ​​significant investments on Turkey's golf Sword, particularly for the study said they walked toward youth sports . Turkey 184 youth that the center and 100 of that also started to be noted that the Minister Kilic, said:Photo \"Players and athletes will continue to come here. We know that traditionally belong to a certain group of golf . The most licensed golfers in Turkey we know that it is from pain. Istanbul and not from other provinces come from pain . we will continue our work in different areas . I'm sure we'll get future interesting results. we're just better known in certain sports. of course at the moment on which we stand sports , not just golf . Young early age got to teach can develop their skills in the area. we are bringing the school to our electronic tablet application. we are doing some visual and written shares through this tablets. we are building the youth center. There are 184 youth center in Turkey , and 100 are trying to better one. of these centers different sports to our youth provides the opportunity to engage in study and activities. A branch with the most followers in the world of football . Many young players want to be . Let's not call dem alternative Let us also Redirect them to another area of the football field . I think that all of us will give you a better chance. \"Photo \" 21 GOLF COURSE WE HAVE \"Photo made ​​in Turkey to continuing to work for the planned Rider Cup Referring Minister Kilic, Turkey's fourth one side he said that the full 21 golf course. Very modern court also emphasized that the construction of the Minister Sword , \"Turkey is a country that is home to many sporting events when successful . Always there is a level where we can reach a specific subject . We discussed these issues with the President of the Federation Agaoglu . Activities related to the Government's 2022 will continue . This is a race and continue to work and support to achieve the Rider Cup to achieve this race. We will enter this race. Yes extremely good field again here . Until recently we did not have so much time field . Our country has a 4 next 21 sites . Our goals for the future has to be built between the much better facilities . Football stadiums are being built , but football is not just another sports activities are also carried out here. You can convert them to the sports field . Done in some social activities. The very modern way of being built , \"he said.
\"THY \" I do not think N would withdrew its sponsorship \"Photo of a journalist \"Have to leave the Turkish Airlines golf sponsorship ?\"The question of, as Minister Sword \"I have not received any information to indicate that this sponsorship Turkish Airlines left . And I do not think they will be taken. But officials in asking questions I get information about it. I do not think one could very amateur league to withdraw sponsorship makes THY \"he replied. Photo OLYMPIC TARGET to ask what the Olympic target for the Photo A foreign journalist's golf Youth and Sports Minister Aquifer Chagatai Sword, said that Turkey's capacity to host the various sports events. Minister stressed that the goal of the Olympic Sword said:Photo \"Turkey will not be any reservations related to competition in the international arena . Olympic candidacy an event that requires a very high level of coordination . Therefore, there is little time for us . Assessments will be decided based on experience doing exactly . If you are hosting an event such as a Rider Cup about it that we need a field to meet the needs . We have places to be created in this area . We evaluated geographic and financial aspects and do not want to throw a guy back in this area. We're both gündemind golf world. Players from all over the world come here to do sports more enjoyable . Rider Cup Champions League football if we're going to compare it with something we can compare . Turkey is becoming more powerful in certain areas. This gives us a certain security. We are more confident in ourselves internationally. You have to carry out lobbying activities in a specific area to achieve success . How I got to know whether we will be successful in competition in this regard. Learn even the most experienced person something every day. \"Photo AĞAOĞLU:\"< strong> TRACK NOT FOR RIDER CUP DISADVANTAGES \"Photo President of Turkey Golf Federation Ahmet Agaoglu has done for the Rider Cup in a statement, Turkey said that the proper course to Rider Cup, the only drawback . indicating that the continuing work to develop the area according to Rider Cup Agaoglu, \"We have no agreement on the Rider Cup but we will continue with this series . 65 percent of an organization , this organization's budget Rider Cup . 90 km wants an area of 30 thousand beds . But our bed capacity in this area of ​​our 65 thousand . The only disadvantage in this area where we not designed for almost all areas of the pitch Rider Cup . Negotiations for a site design by Riders continues. Our tournament until 2024 agreement of our company has \"made ​​the statement.
Sword Minister and president of the federation Agaoglu, açıklamalarınınn in the area after the test flight with Turkish Airlines flight simulator did .

Minister Sword:\"Most golfers Licensed in Turkey Agri Quits \"" comments for.


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