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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 20:06

Minister Simsek in Artvin

Minister Simsek in Artvin
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Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek today Şavşat district of Artvin found a series of visits and observations .

Artvin news:
Minister Mehmet Simsek and along deputy Raphael Winters , Governor Kemal Javelin, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander of Gendarmerie Colonel Mustafa Erdem and his retinue Şavşat arrival in the Şavşat Governor Cemil Sarioglu , Garrison Commander of the Gendarmerie Captain Cuneyt Yuksel, Mayor Ahmet Sinan Ozturk, circle chiefs , by party members and many citizens were greeted with flowers and drums and flutes . Minister Mehmet Simsek, after asking how people shaking hands with everyone individually Şavşat Karagöl Şavşat where he ate lunch given in his honor by the District . Minister Simsek and his return to the wood-fired cooking Artvin eras were offered . Minister Simsek rotary blade , taking turns cutting wisecracks also not neglect the'How Did I , after retiring dönercilig going to start , \"he said .
Members of the press in southern Turkey Isidor threats related to answer the question , the Minister Mehmet Simsek \"Our region is very large , there are problems difficulties var.tabi the guests next door fire the temperature we feel . Inevitably, by your side if there are problems that to a certain extent in our country is also reflected . 1.5 million people whelp origin religion, language, regardless of the embracing situation. our desire all in this region , the Middle East peace stability is . Turkey an important production üssü.türki really human capital , stimulating regional countries in a different way in our region of stability most of Turkey effects. recent years , unfortunately, in Syria, in Iraq we live troubles us are affected. But Turkey's economic fundamentals intact in Turkey has a very strong political stability . tested crisis have good managers with experience . Therefore I hope that Turkey difficulties at the least cost and least destructive to jumped . Our desire to stop the blood in this region , everyone is living in peace and brotherhood in peace , \"he said .
Minister Simsek and his then separated from Şavşat Havalananı went to Kars to go to Istanbul .


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