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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:17

KCK trial lawyers in the Legal Measures Removed

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KCK executives and members of the 46 lawyers in the trial court for alleged ban on overseas output defendants and decided to remove all legal measures .

İstanbul news:
Istanbul 19th High Criminal Court, \"CSM manager and being a member of \"the alleged 46 was continued the trial lawyers . Germany, France , Spain, Austria and spoke Lawyer Bahri at the hearing that as an observer of the bar representatives from countries such as Italy , he said , should be the immediate acquittal on Belen defendants. Reminiscent of
case the indictment Special Courts period considered Belen, \"continued the case that it is unconstitutional to and so the file should be sent to the Constitutional Court , \"he said . the
spoke some lawyers in the trial the defendants were prosecuted because of their talks with Abdullah Öcalan, and noted that therefore they should be heard as Ocalan's witnesses. < br/> Republic describing the views on Demand prosecutor , Abdullah Ocalan as a witness listening to the record when printing the issue of \"terrorist ringleader \"dictated in .
lawyers on this Sinan Chain and Ercan Kanar reacted to this statement. On to cause controversy in the hall's statement said a \"terrorist organization leader \"statement was removed from the report. Court decided to reject the request to go to a Photo Supreme Court , all measures on the defendants , removing foreign prohibition and probation measures and adjourned the hearing .

KCK trial lawyers in the Legal Measures Removed" comments for.


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