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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 11:14

Heavy Snow in Artvin

Heavy Snow in Artvin
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Artvin trapped due to heavy snowfall springs attached to the center of the village Ahlat 250 sheep and shepherds were rescued by a successful rescue operation by AFAD teams.

Artvin news: Photo Artvin winter came earlier than expected this year. Cool beer in the air and sudden snowfall adversely affected life in Artvin. Artvin Central , Ardanuç, Şavşat , Borcka and Murgul district feel the impact of snow heavily . High-cut in the snow depth reached 15 centimeters to 1 meter of varying thickness . Many villages in the transport traffic towards the closed state . Because Photo taken unawares winter snowfall in many villages shepherd. Pear-altitude village in 1750 Saçıng Plateau news that a shepherd with 250 sheep stranded in Artvin Governor was reached . Created in the spring due to snow sheep operation for remaining trapped . Artvin Provincial Governor Kemal's orders Javelin Directorate AFAD rescue team vehicles starting with snow and sheep herders have reached the plateau remained stranded . 25 kilometers away from the center of the highland sheep and shepherd-saving crew , shepherds and sheep , they managed to reach the village Ahlat unharmed . The operation completed successfully gave the news that the Artvin Governor Kemal Javelin . Governor Javelin from its own facebook page ; \"We met with the snow today ... From the time we open , but our drives to remind not to go chainless way ... In the meantime, our city center is 25 km away at 1750 altitude trapped in Ahlat village springs remaining 250 sheep herder with animal city is liberated by our AFAD Office team ... our team Thank you . get past ... \"he said .


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