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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Şubat 2014, Çarşamba 06:10

Bahçeşehir University, Ahmet Ertegun Jazz Concert at the Washington Embassy of the Ant

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Bahçeşehir University and Washington that was organized by the Embassy"Ertegun Jazz Concerts"and was referred to Ahmet Ertegun.

 Bahçeşehir with the University of Washington Embassy organized"Ertegun Jazz Concert with"Ahmet Ertegun was commemorated.
Ambassador to Washington Namik Tan, every year, many world-famous name in the musical world saving of Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun's name organized by the"Ahmet Ertegun Jazz Concerts"This year has seen great interest. Speaking at the event held at the Residence of the Embassy
Ambassador to Washington Namik Tan, that such an organization is proud to host said. Tan, Bahçeşehir University and Board of Trustees Chairman Enver Yucel also for their support and thanked.
Bahcesehir University Board of Trustees Chairman Enver Yucel is such an important evening for participating in the honor stating that,"For me it was an honorable evening. Very reasons. Mr. Ambassador's I think his return to Turkey the last concert of one of the concerts are together. And most importantly, Ahmet Ertegun Jazz series is a program we're here. I Bahçeşehir University on behalf of all of you with love and respect greet. all of you here tonight music recital is here to know . you all a saying I want to buy. Now I've heard of 99 years was. 100 years, we are all here Ahmet Ertegun Jazz series together for let. Bahcesehir University Art as this I will take,"he said.
Anatolian culture, from music and jazz blends notes that Yücel"This evening also will be an experience. We are not jazz only. Anatolian culture, from the music of freedom and independence, the combination will listen. Harmonie you will listen. we as a university in science, art, study the good work we did. Art in doing something are in the effort. And last five years have done lovely things about art. Turkish folk music, Turkish classical music, world music as jazz said. Reasons jazz did you say? each institution's specific priorities are. us of our university also has priority. We want to be free are. We want to be independent are. Directions fight to be would like to contribute. language, religion, racial discrimination do not want to. And that define it in jazz we hugged. Caza When you look around the world, she always found the place. Jazz alienation was. Directions said. I'm human, he said. And wanted to be independent. According to me jazz this. this evening outcry and Turkish Anatolian music sympathy that the presence of the harmonies will listen. And the first time you will hear such jazz. At one point we Turkish jazz and Turkish music harmony said. And that henceforth will continue. Now again I want to say I am. Mr. Ambassador, I Ahmet Ertegun commemorate it launches. I humbly to you these greetings would like to offer. And home ownership back in to have a beautiful evening we will live, we live. And Bahçeşehir University's art director Aslıhan lady congratulations, thank you. Musician congratulate"he said.
Night of the stage in"East Jazz Project"named those who listen to the jazz band provides overnight was having a nice time.

Bahçeşehir University, Ahmet Ertegun Jazz Concert at the Washington Embassy of the Ant" comments for.


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