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  • 08 Ekim 2013, Salı 18:55

Ankara State Theatre, 'Rooster Man and Pirate' and the curtain opens

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Ankara State Theatre 2013-2014 season, the 'Rooster Man and Pirate' is a child's game of a different audience comes across.

Ankara State Theatre, the festival is designed as a game, is dominated by music and dance 'Rooster Man and Pirate' from the game lore Şahinbaş Stage 9, 13, and brings the audience on October 20. Ten years and older, children and adults of all walks of life appeals to the audience 'Rooster Man and the Pirate', Sevim Ak theater adapted from the novel by Aybar Wealth. Wealth project team Aybar, Ahmet Sinan Bacınoğlu design and decor of the game, including Burçak Işımer'in Yardımedici'ye, Esra Selah'a costume design, lighting design Kerem Çetinel, Can Atilla music, choreography and Asli Sumer Burçak names of the belongs to. The festival is designed as a game of 'Rooster Man and Pirate' almost complete absence of the word, music, movement and dance, with a style that is dominated. Also due to the content of the game, is considered as a social responsibility project. Deaf sign language is also used from time to time the game tells the story of a child.

audiologist during rehearsals with the doctor consulted the views of educating deaf children, playing an important branch of literature that works in many projects for children and Sevim Ak 'Rooster Man and Pirate' adapted from the book. Game on October 9 at 11:00 am will be the world premiere of Theater Workshop Irfan Sahinbas.

Ankara State Theatre, 'Rooster Man and Pirate' and the curtain opens" comments for.


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