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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 19:14

Albayrak:\"Kasımpaşalı Managers Attitude Never Not Welcome \"

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Text Albayrak Besiktas Communications Officer , said he was not welcome at all of the attitude of managers Kasımpaşalı Besiktas .

İstanbul news: Photo Besiktas management held a meeting today at the administration building located in Akata . After the meeting, Besiktas Communications Officer Text Albayrak, journalists answered questions and said they would play in Başakşehir Stadium in the league to play with Kasimpasa . Photo Albayrak match actually saying they wanted to play in the Ankara 19 Mayıs Stadium , \"There is a directive of the Federation . Match for us to act in Ankara , we need a permit from the opposite side. we have contact with Kasimpasa Club. playing we say we want. They refused. our their arrival and departure, and we've offered us to meet the camp fee. it also did not accept . we have to play in Başakşehir Stadium. here is heavenly we thank our Gümüşdağ president. us last week were welcomed very well. they opened their home to us. we thank them very much. we would like to thank our president Ilhan at the time of the month . No request us they did not break . you can play as your own home , they said. Although saying that Besiktas to wisdom Kasımpaşalı manager of Besiktas'a they made this attitude is not nice at all , \"he said . the question about the European games of Photo Press representatives Albayrak said they would play in the Tottenham match Olympic Stadium. Photo Kasımpaşa and Akha If FC match their Albayrak reminded that they will play in Başakşehir , Turkey where they will play the Cup match said they would explain the later.

Albayrak:\"Kasımpaşalı Managers Attitude Never Not Welcome \"" comments for.


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